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Corporate Workshops

With You Every Step of the Way

The following workshops have been developed specifically for people who work outside of sport, but understand that the skills that elite athletes use are transferable to themselves, the workshops are practical and informative in nature and provide opportunities for all participants to learn and take action based on the information provided. Take a look at the workshops developed specifically for the corporate world, and get in touch with me today.

Resilience in the Workplace: Learning from Sport

Resilience is the ability to use personal qualities to withstand pressure and stress and use psychological strategies that maintain functioning and can lead to striving under pressure (Fletcher & Sarkar, 2016). This workshop covers strategies to improve resilience, the importance of stress, the role of the environment for developing resilience, including the four environments, the relationship between challenge, support and performance in a facilitative environment, protective factors and the importance of a challenge mindset.

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Using Performance Psychology skills and strategies at work and in life

The mental skills and strategies that elite athletes use, such as goal setting, self-talk, imagery are skills that are transferable to elite performers outside of sport. In this practical workshop, participants will learn about the skills that are required to reach the top, including strategies to boost confidence in themselves and others, practical goal setting and taking action towards reaching their goals, relaxation strategies, the use of imagery to replay, preplay and fail forward.

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Moving forward through taking action and being goal driven.

People are often well aware and able to verbalise their goals, but they are often  SLOTH goals that are unable to be met. In this workshop, participants will learn and set SMART and/or SPORT goals with a specific focus on action and behavioural change to reach their goals. Information on the stages of change and practical strategies to move people forward will be provided. Contact me today to talk about a practical and informative workshop for you.

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Check out the DISC ADVANCED link below for information on the workshops that are available through EMG Performance Psychology.

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