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Services I Offer

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Individual Consultation

Performance Psychology session

The individual performance psychology sessions are about enhancing each individual's performance both within sport settings and organisations. This is done through applying psychological knowledge, strategies and skills to positively influence individual's behaviour. Each session is approximately 50-60 minutes in length. Schedule an appointment today and see what I can do for you. An initial assessment of approximately 80-90 minutes is recommended for the first session.

Water Polo Players


Workshops for athletes, coaches, and corporate clients and organisations

All my workshops have been developed to be both informative but also practical and provide strategies that each person can use immediately. There are three broad types of workshop:
1. Performance enhancement workshops for coaches, athletes and anyone wanting to improve their performance.
2. Corporate workshops, that utilise performance psychology strategies with an emphasis on how they can be used to enhance performance both in the workplace and outside. 
3. DISC ADVANCED® as a trainer and facilitator in DISC ADVANCED®, Liz can provide a suitable behavioural analysis for individuals through to large groups



Coming Soon!

Liz has developed a number of resources that may assist coaches, athletes, coaches and those wanting to learn more about themselves and also to help others with their performance. Keep checking back for the update on the resources.

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