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Performance Psychology Workshops

For coaches, athletes, officials and anyone wanting to benefit from learning performance psychology strategies that they can use immediately.

Practical performance psychological strategies and skills to enhance performance will be provided in the following workshops.

Learning Styles, Analogies and thinking externally

2 hours

Athletes and coaches will learn their preferred learning styles and practical implications that will help them learn based on their learning style.  Call me today to discuss this workshop.

Practical Strategies to Enhance Performance

2 hours

This workshop will provide practical real-world strategies and skills for athletes to use immediately or provide coaches with practical strategies that they can use in their next training session. The skills will include goal setting and taking action, challenge versus threat appraisals, imagery, communication and ideal performance states.

Confidence and Resilience aka Mastery and Failure

2 hours

This workshop will focus on building confidence, such as through learning and utilising practical skills in the six factors involved in building confidence, and the three broad ways of developing resilience. Likewise, participants will understand the need for balancing both mastery and failure.

Sport Specific workshops

1-3 hours

If you’re looking for a specific workshop for your sport, contact me directly and we can discuss your requirements. Sessions could include: 

  • Developing Motivation through the "Motivation Trifecta"

  • Pre-performance Routines

  • Self-talk 

  • Dealing with nerves and anxiety

  • Ideal Performance States

  • SLOTH versus SMART Goals

Benefit from my professional experience and wide range of psychological services.

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