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EMG Performance Psychology provides three different DISC ADVANCED® options:

DISC ADVANCED® Individual Assessment (2 hours)

This individual session may be suitable for coaches, leaders, managers and those wanting to gain self-awareness for their self-development. Participants will receive a 20 page detailed colour bound individual behavioural assessment. Debrief of the individual report including:

  • behavioural style overview

  • the Profiles - what is "natural" to the person and what type of "adjustments" they feel they need to make in the workshop

  • workplace predispositions

  • strengths

  • development areas

  • how others perceive them

  • plus an array of "what now" tools and tips

DISC ADVANCED® Leadership Workshop (3.5 hours)

An ideal workshop for those wanting to understand their own behavioural style, including their leadership tendencies and how others perceive them. All participants receive an individual assessment and an array of effective leadership techniques, including:

  • building and maintaining rapport

  • developing your people

  • adapting your communication style

  • motivating your people

A minimum of five participants are required for the workshop.​

DISC ADVANCED® Team Assessment Workshop (3.5 hours)

The DISC ADVANCED® Team Assessment has many applications and is a clear, easy-to-use framework to understand complex issues quickly, to solve problems and to improve performance. The DISC ADVANCED® Team Assessment combines the findings of the Individual Assessment and results of your team into one report. It shows the team dynamics, the strengths and development areas of the team, and how the team members are adjusting their behaviours in the existing team environment.

A minimum of five participants are required for the workshop.​

Contact EMG Performance Psychology for information about individual, small group or whole organisation applications of DISC ADVANCED® for training and development.

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